Buy a WFOE

Special notice! to buy a WFOE

The following company is available with Mother-Company. Opening or changing ownership of a Chinese mainland  Company is  NOT SO EASY , needs time and is elaborately. All this can be avoided here, as the company can be bought with its Holding company. The owner ship transfer of the HK Holding company is a thing of hours not months.

The company dose not need to pay for a rent or other utilities, so no unwanted fix cost which not mach your needs.

Also as many experts will tell you a Chinese Mainland Limited Company is not really limited as in Western Countries and for this should structured over a third jurisdiction as for example Hong Kong.

 Buy a WFOE – A Wholly Foreign Own Enterprise For Sale

Buy a WFOE

Buy a WFOE

  • Company is registered in Shanghai,Jing’an District
  • Was register in September 2009
  • Register Investment Capital is 1’000’000 Chinese Yuan
  • Bank Account
  • Full  Accounting History
  • Registered office paid up to and including June 2015, no other rent obligations.
  • Registered with exchange control. Can send Money out of China and receive from aboard

Advantage to buy a WFOE:

  • Get your work permit, hire staff, conduct business and issue invoices, etc
  • Visa. no need for legal representative as returning to home country.
  • The business will be handed over completely clean.
  • All the registrations, approvals and licensing is complete.
  • Save 6 months time going through the set up process.
  • Consulting and Services approved, other licenses could be added
  • Ability to issue local RMB invoices.
  • Direct employment of the staff

Hong Kong Mother Company

Very interesting Additional option, could be sold by actually buying the Hong Kong Holding Company.
Company Was founded in 2007. As most adviser will tell it is a good idea to set up a Chinese Company over a limited liability Company. By this way it so easy and fast to change the ownership

  • Bank Account (HSBC Hong Kong)
  • Fast to get started
  • can be run as a offshore Company

This would could be a very swift and efficient solution to just buy a WFOE
Save change ownership of buy a WFOE Chinese company which is a more complicated approach.

 Requirements for buy a WFOE:

  • Transfer Shears of HK Holding
  • Change Director of HK Holding
  • Change Legal Representative of Mainland Company

Finished. It’s that easy. The easy and professional just way buy a WFOE


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