Getting started in China – China Incorporation

China Incorporation: Your Cooperated Service Partner for getting started in China

  • Are you considering outsourcing to, investing, manufacturing, or producing in China?
  • Do you wish to gain a foothold in the world’s most promising market?
  • Are you worried about too much red tape?
  • Reservations about language and culture barriers?
  • Too complicated or simply too exotic for your present staff?
  • Where to start? How much will outsourcing and setting up cost?

Whether you are willing to establish your company’s products or services in the Chinese market or consider outsourcing great amounts of your business production or research and development operations to take advantage of the massive cost savings China offers, China Incorporation can help you accomplish your corporate objectives.

As you probably know, China is called “the awakening dragon from the east”. It is gathering global attention as it holds the largest potential market in the world. China has experienced tremendous economic growth for the last decades. Foreign investments soared in recent years. Businesses rush in to take advantage of the massive cost savings, huge market potential, and vast amounts of opportunities China possesses. Since China’s accession to the WTO, the Chinese government gradually opens the door to the world: Investment of foreign capital is encouraged in many areas and the pace of market liberalization and reform is accelerated. As China is converting itself into a managed market economy, there is an increasing tendency for foreign enterprises to establish themselves in China to gain a foothold in the world’s biggest promising market.

However, considering the opportunities, many deficiencies persist. There are considerable bureaucratic hurdles in setting up a foreign enterprise in China. It is an onerous process that can take six weeks to six months, requires many meetings and a mountain of paperwork to complete. If you or your clients can’t face all the form filling and bureaucracy, “China Incorporation” professionals will be happy to help you with any or every aspect. Our incorporation specialists will save you a vast amount of time and money otherwise to be spent in arranging a long visit and learning the whole process from the very beginning. So you can utilize your valuable resources to concentrate on your core competence.

China Incorporation’s offices and staff in China can comprehensively assist and follow through the establishment process and save investor’s time and trouble. We offer solutions according to our clients’ needs and can provide an adequate service package from a very basic registration to a fully operational company. Basically we can help you/your clients to run the company in all aspects to your satisfaction.