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Chinese Special Economic Zones

Special Economic Zones in China (SEZ) There are presently six SEZs in the PRC. In the 80, the first special economic zone in China was set up in Shenzhen near Hong Kong, which included four districts and covered about 400 square kilometres. Purposely designed policies utilize special privileges to attract foreign investors, such as additional… Read More »

Chinese Legal Representative Seal

Legal Representative Seal of a Chinese Company (Chop) The Chinese Company Legal Representative Seal represents the legally binding decision of the company, it is the signature of the company’s appoint legal representative. When forming the company it is filed with the government department of “Administration of Industry and Commerce”. Often is the Legal Representative Seal… Read More »

Chinese Financial Seal

Financial Seal for a Chinese Company After setting up the company initially or when change Banks will it is requiring providing their Chinese Company Financial Seals when opening bank accounts. When applying for the account or other bank related paperwork it is required as for verification or for any of the companies apply for any… Read More »

Chinese Economic Technological Development Zones

Economic and Technological Development Zones in China Economic and Technological Development Zones (ETDZ) are Specially dedicated and deliberate planed locations to increase technology-intensive industries by giving out government funding or rewards to investments in the industrial sector as well as emerging industries. Around the 84s China formally opens up 14 harbour cities. As China uninterrupted… Read More »

Chinese Development Zones

Development Zones in China Development Zones China stated in the form of Special Economic Zones (SEZs)in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou and Xiamen to performance as demo locations for the Chinese government to appeal FDI and test whether the previously centrally-planned economy might evolution to a liberal or capitalist system. In certain, these SEZs on assisting export… Read More »

Chinese Contract Seal

The Chinese Contract Seal A Chinese Contract Company Seal is used for contract signing purpose. Chinese Contract Company Seal is specifically made for signing contract purpose. Contracts refer to the commercial sales or purchase contract. According to specific articles of a contract, the Chinese Contract Company Seal shall be affixed independently onto the documents or… Read More »

Chinese Company Seals

Company Seals in China – Company Chops Company Seals and even sometimes Seals are in often referred to as Chop’s. Why in Chinese literature Seal are call a cutting instrument “Chop” I are not sure. Maybe some out there can let me know. Here is an overview of the five Seals a Chinese company must… Read More »

Chinese Invoice Fapiao

Chinese Invoice Fapiao There are two categories Fapiao’s General Invoices and Value-Added Tax (VAT) invoices. Dissimilar as commonly done in most countries, invoices are typically used simply to record a transaction, in People’s Republic of China they additionally are a way in which the government controls tax has been paid on transaction. The actual “Fapiao… Read More »

Chinese Investment Capital

Chinese investment capital for opening a WFOE. The Chinese Investment capital as needed to start at the time of incorporation. It does include item as opening investment in the corporation, start up funds, property, and intellectual property. Investment capital is a first investment planned to be straightaway used in operational needs of the business. These… Read More »