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China Currency

China Currency – What’s different? China’s Exchange Rate Policy eople’s Republic of China (PRC) s exchange rate is managed by the People’s Bank of China (PBoC: China’s Central Bank) controlled the value of the Chinese Yuan (CNY or RMB). The People’s Bank of China fixes the USD to CNY-rate on each trading day. This applies to… Read More »

China Post Tracking

China Post Tracking and Overall Postal Service in China In the People’s Republic of China (PRC) the official postal service is China Post, providing international domestic and domestic mail and parcel services. In the time of dot-com huge amount parcels and packages are transported. Most common means are: By ground transportation or surface. this can… Read More »

China Visa

China Visa – Who Should Have One You need to hold a China visa except you meet the following visa exemption requirements: Bilateral Treaties In reference to bilateral treaties, citizens of some countries (click here for a complete list) holding correct passports may enter China with no visa. 15 Days stay Ordinary Passport holders of… Read More »

The Search Engine Baidu

Baidu – Using Baidu and Advertising on Baidu If just using Baidu as a search engine or advertising platform one should consider that Baidu’s top search results are mainly resulted because they were paid promotional ads, they will not be so clearly separated as on Google or other international search engines . some organic results… Read More »