Fujian Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise incorporation

The process of a Fujian WFOE Incorporation is strictly speaking not the same as in other locations in China. This is to name a few examples: Some locations are so-called pilot-areas where new policies are introduced. Regional different legislation or when the new national policies are introduced they start in one location and get introduced steps by step in different regions. Also in some locations, there are local government programs in place to promote and attract foreign investors.

Now in Chongqing, there is no minimum general registered investment capital required for WFOE’s if has the business scope of consulting, Trading, retailing, and information technology. In China, a Certificate Of Incorporation or Business License is limited to a defined scope.

The activities of the Company will be limited to the defined scope of business. Other scopes of business still require registered Capital. Please note, it is still might be a good idea to register investment capital the forming a Company in Fujian because:

  1. To incorporate the Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in Fujian more rapidly.
  2. Additional wanted permits may require a registered investment Capital.
  3. Chinese government officials and the companies cooperation partner will pay attention to register capital which is printed on the Business License.

It is imperative for the Business Scope of Banking, Forwarding, education and many more business ranges to have registered investment capital.

For forming Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in Fujian it is suitable to choose registered capital from 100,000 CNY to- 500,000 CNY as the minimum registered capital for the business range of Service WFOE, Consulting WFOE, or Hi-Tech WFOE formation in Chongqing.

Optional one can apply for a scheduled payment plan, to pay the registered investment capital to one’s company.

A scheduled payment plan will depend on the local authorities and the total amount to be invested. Any time scale from one to a period of up to 10 years is conceivable.

We advocate:

  • Service WFOE, consulting WFOE, Hi-Tec WFOE: 100,000 CNY to 500,000 CNY.
  • For Trading or Manufacturing Fujian WFOE Incorporation least, a capital is 500,000 CNY
  • For Food & Beverage WFOE registration in Chongqing: 300,000 CNY – 600,000 CNY